Spors | Out of School

Tha na leanas ri fhaotainn taobh a-muigh na sgoile an drast' (An Gearran 2017).  The following activities are available out of school (February 2017)


Aig an sgoil | At the school


Diardaoin | Thursday                  Sradagan, 3.20-5.00 P4-7, £2.50

Disathairne | Saturday                 Ball-coise | Football, 10-11am 4 years - P4        11-12pm P5-7    £1


Rudan eile taobh a deas an eilein | Other available activities South Skye

Gymnastics, Mondays, Broadford Hall 01471822325

LMPA Dancing, Broadford Hall, http://www.lmperformingarts.com/

Highland Dancing, Ardvasar Hall, Tuesdays 5.15 - 6.00pm, eilidh206@hotmail.com 07762914915

Swimming lessons http://www.lochalshleisure.org.uk/

Kayak club  http://www.skye-lochalsh-kayaking.co.uk/

YMCA  @ SMO, Fridays, http://skye-ymca.org.uk/_

Skye & Lochalsh Orchestra http://www.slo-skye.org.uk/rehearsals.html  


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